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Reduce the vouching time by up to 80%

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Audit procedures require accountants to deal with a lot of files. For example, auditors reconcile hundreds of sales records with corresponding contracts, purchase orders, shipping notices, invoices and subsequent cash receipts. In addition, many client companies keep these files as papers and PDF. As a result, auditors are forced to manually read the files to check if the sales records are correct. Auditors also have to handle large datasets, such as general ledger and sub-ledgers to find errors and frauds.

  • Time consuming - Handling massive paper and electronic files
  • High labor cost - Traditional tools are manual and tedious
  • Error and fraud - Limited scope for auditing and bookkeeping

GenialAI supports those who want to fix these issues. Auditors interact with GenialAI to automate the revenue testing and other audit procedures. Let GenialAI take care of repetitive audit tasks. GenialAI also assists human judgments such as sampling. Furthermore, GenialAI smoothly integrates with ERP systems to extract and analyze ledgers with AI. This will give auditors another tool to investigate accounting data.

How it works

Save time

Higher efficiency with the power of AI

Save costs

Reduce the risks and costs of the audit


Vouching results in Excel format

Core technologies

  • Limitless
    Ability to test all data vs. data samples
  • Faster
    Ability to process data in minutes, not hours
  • Risk detection
    Ability to flag high risk records to test
  • Machine learning
    Replicate human judgment precisely

Product features

Automate document matching from end to end.

Configure OCR template

GenialAI can automatically generate OCR settings for typical reading items, such as which item is written at which position on the document (PDF) page. This technology is patented in Japan and in the U.S.

Review OCR results

Just upload documents, and GenialAI allocates the most fitted OCR settings. Then, it fixes scale differences and skewed documents using image recognition technology, so that the OCR coordinates can be applied without modification.
GenialAI reads 10 different languages, including handwritten texts.
GenialAI assists you to review the OCR results, presenting the document page and the extracted data side-by-side. 

Define test items

The definition of test items is the core function of GenialAI. It is a function to set in detail how to match document (PDF) items with population (Excel) data.  Flexible cleansing functions can satisfy extremely various test needs.

Review results

GenialAI shows you the amount and the number of lines for each category: all items matched, no corresponding evidence, and follow-up required. You can select categories to download as an Excel file and review the details.

Ensure security

Customize password policy to remain compliant with the internal security policy in your organization.
Furthermore, user access control, encryption in transit and in storage, real-time vulnerability scan, and timely software update are provided. We have already acquired ISMS (ISO 27001) certificate.

System requirements

BrowserChrome or Edge (Chromium-based)
Internet access20 Mbps or faster (download and upload)