About Genial Technology

GenialAI is an online audit tool that features semantic reconciliation by performing vouching, journal entry testing and other audit procedures.   GenialAI understands natures of accounting data and saves your time to manually test transactions with supporting documents. It also auto-corrects errors and inconsistencies and automates time-consuming manual audit processes.

How was it born?

One day, Aki Abekawa, Founder at Genial Technology, reluctantly fixed accounting data by hand when he worked at an accounting firm. It was painful and tedious to deal with large accounting data with existing not so intelligent and time-consuming tools. Especially, Microsoft Excel cannot handle over a million line items and has no specific assistance for the accounting field.

He imagined the future of accounting – AI will automate accounting.  Accounting teams will use far fewer papers and electronic files. Systems will automatically generate journal entries, feeding electronic data from customers, suppliers, banks and the local offices of the company.  What do auditors do?  They interpret the new accounting standards, input to the AI audit system and check the reports.  To reach this productive future, Aki saw the significant need of a self-learning and automated audit platform.

After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, he decided to use computer technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing and cloud computing for solving problems that the accounting industry faces today.

Product Principles

GenialAI is a cloud-based AI audit tool specifically adjusted for accounting ledgers and supporting documents.  It provides assistance to perform repetitive tasks and the solve data inconsistency that prevents smooth decision making in the audit.  The platform focuses on the audit process automation and cognitive interaction to differentiate GenialAI from other accounting products.

In an effort to bring these emerging technologies together, Genial Technology® built GenialAI upon the four principles: balance, automation, user-friendliness and security.  With these principles, GenialAI aims to cut back on audit execution and data preparation time while keeping the quality of the results.


Does GenialAI make unpleasing changes? Not at all. GenialAI will not edit things without your review. Moreover, GenialAI gets smarter as it learns from past user actions, but we know that going too far can turn things messy. Algorithms are helpful but not perfect. So, just leave routine analysis to GenialAI. Only human can disentangle misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


GenialAI automatically processes data to eliminate technological issues like difference in file type and encoding. Once a user gives a command, GenialAI analyzes the data to suggest possible modifications or enrichments by using algorithms and internal databases. This suggestion liberates the user from manually finding data inconsistencies and manually fixing them. Therefore, the user will be able to (go home earlier or) take more time communicating with people to treat things that only people can solve.


GenialAI takes advantage of cloud computing to save your time. To provide you with the result quickly, GenialAI’s engine temporarily increases the background resource. On the other hand, we are developing intuitive user interface solicits you to explore the functions. Human-computer interaction is our priority.


All accounting data are confidential. GenialAI turns on account control and encrypts connections by default. Users can delete the data from the server at any time. We already achieved ISO 27001 (ISMS) certificate. Per request, SOC reports will be provided.


Genial technology® is founded by an accounting industry expert who handles computer technology.   Currently, the team is looking for talents in sales and marketing.  Particularly, we need specialized people who deeply understands the needs of auditors by listening to customer, who are auditors in the big four accounting firms.

Accounting &



Affinity between accounting and database system formed the solid need for spreadsheet software at the dawn of business computing from 1970s to 1990s. However, existing tools are not adjusted for the business requirements of the audit.

Genial Technology specializes in accounting, cloud and cognitive computing, natural language processing and big data management. Our background and expertise formed the genesis of GenialAI, the disruptive online tool for every professional working in the audit industry.