Genial Team

Aki Abekawa
Founder and CEO

Accounting and IT expert.  He took an active part at PwC in system review projects and data analysis as a member of Data Management Group.  He worked for 37 system reviews and 12 accounting audit/advisory projects at PwC. CPA in Japan and MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

Kazuhei Hamada

System engineering expert. He has gained industry experience as an engineer for 6.5 years in corporations, such as Hitachi and NEC. His expertise is primarily on web applications and embedded software.

Mana Kotani
Corporate staff

Administrative assistant with industry experience over 8 years from purchase to customer services. She developed the clerical skills at a water heater maintenance company and Busch, a worldwide vacuum manufacturer.

Saori Yoshida

She has gained industry experience as an engineer for years, such as an ERP customization and RPA process improvement. She excels at design based on users' perspective.

Shu Tonoike

After working in whole and retail sales, he began his engineering career. He has gained a wide variety of experiences such as cloud infrastructure, back-end, front-end and interaction with users.

Riku Kurihara

He has gained industry front-end and back-end engineering experience using React/TypeScript and other frameworks at System Engineering Corp. He is growing rapidly with his strong curiosity and active learning.

Takeshi Matsuki

He has experience in front-end and back-end development using Laravel/Vue.js at Gizumo. He has the ability to come up with solutions and get things done when faced with challenges.

Kazuki Tamaribuchi

At Anvil, he worked on a wide range of processes in a new medical system development and package implementations. He is an experienced engineer who has sold personally developed Django/Vue.js systems.