Accelerating Document Processing with AI Audit & Advanced RPA

With Blue Prism and GenialAI, the traditional accounting cycles will improve productivity. It will increase efficiencies of the processes by automating the series of procedures: data entry, multiple-system interface, data cleansing and data-to-data reconciliation.

Product descriptions

GenialAI automates the most tedious audit procedure, vouching, with cloud and AI so you can save time and prevent human errors.

  •  Extract text data from unstructured PDF documents with AI-OCR.
  •  Access the ERP system to extract transaction records.
  •  Matches the extracted data between PDF and ERP records.
  •  Show the results for your review.
  •  Everything happens online on your browser and scale as you need.

The Blue Prism digital workforce takes on increasingly complex tasks and can be deployed across your business whenever they’re needed most.

  •  Compliance is achieved through comprehensive, irrefutable audit logs.
  •  The digital workforce can easily scale to meet volume needs.
  •  Digital workers proactively learn, are centrally managed and easily trainable.
  •  Security credentials are individual stored and not shared.

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GenialAI Audit seamlessly integrates with Blue Prism RPA and improves productivity of accounting teams by automating the following workflows.

File management
Data extraction

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