GenialAI OCR has marked the Second Release

San Jose, California - Genial Technology, Inc. updated GenialAI™ OCR to achieve more accurate OCR and more comfortable user interactions. The official date for GenialAI™ OCR's this release is December 3, 2020.


  • UX: The new design enables more comfortable interactions with GenialAI OCR.
  • Accuracy: OCR accuracy has improved. Accuracy, precision and other figures vary in language.
  • User Guide: Instructions are accessible from the left menu.
  • OCR Result Binder: GenialAI OCR can bind the OCR results for multiple documents. Please check the Bind & DL OCR Results button on the OCR screen.
  • Global Acceptance: You can create an account from your country if you reside outside the United States.
  • Password Complexity: Passwords require at least three of digit, symbol, lower letter, and upper letter to secure your account.

To provide the online OCR service under robust security, Genial Technology achieved ISO 27001 certification, the international standard of best practices for information security management systems. GenialAI™ OCR is delivered on secured data access and data storage with military-grade encryption, while customers can remove the data any time.

GenialAI™ OCR is developed based on GenialAI™ Audit, the audit industry’s first service to automate evidence gathering activities.

Genial Technology is a company to offer software that automates audit procedures, including accounting data reconciliations and audit document exchanges between an auditor and a client, by utilizing cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies.

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