Website Opened

Genial Technology, Inc. opened its website for marketing and public relation purposes. GenialAI is a cloud and AI based accounting data management and audit platform service for accounting firms and accounting departments.

Manual entries often appear inconsistent. This is because different people input records into accounting database in different ways, in terms of formatting, wordings and usage of measuring units and capital/small letters. Also, there are typical human errors in accounting data, such as typos, missing data and incorrect alignment of digits. Additionally, unexpected shutdown of accounting system may cause missing data and other types of errors.

To help users solve these types of issues, GenialAI flexibly utilizes cloud resources. Once uploading data to the service, users can order GenialAI just in few clicks away to analyze these inconsistencies and suggest how to fix the issues. The suggestions are ranked by the scores calculated based on algorithms including machine learning.

GenialAI is under development as of June 1, 2017.

To learn more, visit Product Features page.